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We are an initiative bringing together Wrocław businesses, local creative circles and urban activists. Together, we change the appearance of storefronts: from concept, through obtaining permits and the creative process, to implementation. We learn and educate others because we care about a friendly public space.

Hello designer!

Are you a designer? Are you familiar with the idea of arranging urban space? Then you can certainly see that Wrocław needs people with your approach. Someone who, apart from aesthetics and proportion, also understands the perspective of a passer-by, his comfort and needs.
If you dream about the life of a storefront developer and want to grow by learning about public space issues – we are here for you!

Hello entrepreneur!

Your business is booming, but your storefront seems to lack color? If you have been thinking of refreshing the way the passers-by perceive your premises, we will be happy to get to know your vision or work together to develop a vision that will stay in the memory of the city.

Our goal is basically the same as yours: to make it eye-catching and effective. After all, the point is that your new storefront should attract the attention of the customer and at the same time perfectly fit into the fabulous landscape of Wrocław. We can feel that we will succeed together!

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