A flat signboard is the basic form of advertising a business in public space. As a rule, it is placed above the entrance to the premises and it takes a form of a board or separately mounted letters. It is considered the basic “business card” of the company.

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A blade sign is a type of advertising board placed on a holder mounted on the building facade. Contrary to a flat sign, the blade sign, due to its perpendicular arrangement, increases visibility along the street where the advertised premises is located.

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A shopfront is the front part of a business premises, e.g. a shop or service establishment. Most often it consists of an entrance door and a large, glazed “display” or windows. It is usually used as an advertising space – with a gallery of products or a board with current offers and information on opening hours, among others.

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A neon sign in urban space is a kind of signboard made of fluorescent lamps that form words or advertising images. Its name comes from the name of the noble gas, most often placed inside the lamps. Such advertisements were most popular in the second half of the 20th century. During the Polish transformation, they were often dismantled, but today they return as a symbol of retro culture.

A business card signboard is an information plate containing the necessary information about the tenant of the premises, placed near the main door or in the staircase of the building. It’s useful in situations where there are many tenants or the premises do not have a storefront. Its name refers to the small format and the limited amount of information placed on the plate.

An advertising pylon is a free-standing object, usually located in front of buildings that house many businesses and service premises. It is a space where tenants’ business card plates are displayed together. Usually it provides information at what address and at what times we will find the entrepreneurs.